KETP  Electric(啟巔電氣)是一家國際領先提供優質電能質量解決方案的品牌供應商。公司秉承以市場為導向,“專業·品質·高效·服務”的企業理念,為用戶提供節能、環保、安全、可靠的產品。




                KETP  Electric is an international leading provider of high-quality solutions for energy management in power electronic systems. Adhering to market-oriented idea and the business philosophy of "Profession, Quality, Efficiency, Service", we are committed to provide our users with energy-saving, environment friendly, safe, and reliable products.

                Product range: environment friendly capacitors, reactors (filter), contactors, intelligent reactive power compensation controller,  thyristor switch, SVG static var generator, APF active filters, harmonic detection and technical support solutions .

                Our energy products and solutions are widely used in the field of municipal engineering, petrochemical, metallurgical mining, transportation, healthcare, data centers, communications, public and commercial buildings, and other projects.

                The company sets up a plurality of business R&D and marketing service center at home and abroad, with a highly qualified professional team, providing customers with convenient technical support and business support. In the future, KETP  Electric will continue to be pioneering and innovative, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.  The business philosophy of "Profession, Quality, Efficiency, Service" will continue to lead KEPT Electric becoming a trusted professional strategic partner for our customers. To this end, we will make unremitting efforts and look forward to march with you hand in hand!

                企業理念Business Philosophy

                專業·品質·高效·服務Profession  Quality  Efficiency  Service

                企業責任Company Responsibility

                為員工提供發展Provide staff with development

                為客戶創造價值Creat value for customers

                為社會分擔責任Share responsibility for the society

                企業使命Our Mission


                Provide energy-saving, environment friendly, safe and reliable energy management solutions for the global power electronic systems

                公司愿景Company Vision


                Become the world's most competitive solution provider for energy management in power electronic systems